Exchange Blog Reviews - Increase PageRank and Technorati Rank  

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Blogger's ultimate aim is to bring maximum gain from the blog. It may be monetory gain, or just an increase in the number of visitors/readers.

When talking about traffic, one name that is always mentioned is of course Google. So what a  blogger wants is to increase his blog's Google PageRank, Tehcnorati Rank, and of course improve Alexa rank.

So here's a simple, free and very very effective way to get all at the same time.
In one line "Write reviews to get reviews". Now do you really think that when you write a review for a blogger, he will return the favor to you ?
If you say NO, then have a look here:

Simply get a free account here, and then write a review to any random blog available, and in return get equal number of reviews as written by you.

So ultimately, depending upon your work, you will be getting lots of links from different websites/blogs, with your choice of linking keywords. So you will easily improve your Technorati rank, with links, and moreover the condition is NOT to use "nofollow" tags, therefore you will improve your Google PageRank. And finally the review will be checked by the blogger(the owner of the blog), so if you already have other interesting content on your blog, then he may subscribe or add your website to social networking websites, thus increasing the traffic too.

So if you are a blogger, you must try this atleast for a month, and see if this works or not.

NOTE: Link-exchange is although is allowed by Google, and Google does not penalize you for doing link exchange, but there are some controversies in this topic, as Google PageRank algorithm is not known publicly.
The add-on benefit from the above method is that, you are NOT AT ALL doing any link exchange through this method, because in this method, you will not get a review from the same site, for which you wrote a review. Rather you wil get reviews from other sites, so it is only one way linking.